Saturday, December 5, 2015

Golden Rose Prodigy Gel Duo - Nr. 09

I was randomly surfing for an eyebrow pencil, when I suddenly ended up at the nail polish section (what a surprise, don't you agree? :-) ) and have found the Prodigy Gel Effect Colour polish. I found it interesting, how it was suppose to last up to 7 days on the nails, if used with the special Top Coat, but I decided not to order it because I have enough nail polishes.

The same day I was on my way to the gym, when I was (again :-) ) suddenly at a Golden Rose stand. The girl who worked there was super friendly and explained how the polish is supposed to last indeed 7 days if I don't do the dishes. Well, I use a dish washer every time so that wasn't an issue and I have payed 37 RON (~ 8.5 EUR) for the polish and top coat limited edition package.

I have chosen one of my favorite nail polish colors: a teal - turquoise, Nr. 09.
 I have applied it in coats on Monday morning and with the lovely weather I could take the perfect pictures to show you how beuatiful this color is.

This is a gel effect polish, which means that it will dry in natural light, without a  UV lamp.
I was so excited to be wearing this the whole week!

Unfortunately it seems, that the up to 7 day could also mean 2 and a half days. That was when the polish has started showing sign of wear. It wasn't so bad, but unpleasant, because I had such high hopes after seeing the description of the polishes.

After 5 days this is how my nails look. Disappointing!!!
The light is not so good today, so ignore the color (that remained exactly the same as was on the first day) and take a look at the nails.

I have 3 fingernails in total on which the polish remained intact, but that doesn't make me more happy about my purchase.

Don't get me wrong, I love Golden Rose, I have over 30 bottles of polishes from them, but saying that a product lasts 7 days which after 2 starts chipping and after 5 it looks like in the above pictures, leaves me without words.

I will of course use the polish again, because I just love its radiant color, but I will not be expecting it to last 7 days.

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  1. Very fun color but bummer that the polish didn't last as long as it said it would.

  2. Maybe those nails, where the nailpolish fell off, were exfoliating..It happened to me after 7 days on one nail..but the others were intact.In my case it lasted 8 days.


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