Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Jord Wood Watch & KIKO

A little time ago I was contacted by Paul from JORD Wood Watches, and he gave me the chance to try one of the unique JORD Watches. These watches are special because they are made of a variety of wood. This not only makes them special and rare but also light and stylish.

I was able to pick a watch for review from the several interesting models the company offers in the following series:  Core series, Fieldcrest series, Ely series, Sully series and the limited edition Pujols Foundation series. You can take a look at all the watches JORD has to offer, by clicking here.

Womens Wood Watches
I have chosen to review the Zebrawood & Maple watch from the Fieldcrest series.

There were several very pleasant surprises about this watch from the beginning. First of all I have received it on my wedding day which made it an even more positive experience than it would have been otherwise. And yes, it helped me get over the morning pre-ceremony stress :-).

The second thing that struck me immediately as I have opened the package was the unique packaging in which the watch arrived: a wooden box, which matched the wristwatch in style.


Finally there are several watch enthusiasts in my family, including my father who collects antique mechanical wrist watches and my husband who is collector of pocket watches, so I wasn't the only one very interested in this watch.

I have tried the watch in different circumstances, like: in the office, while walking the dog or during the painting of my nails :-)

I took the opportunity to combine the presentation of this nice watch with my favorite nail polish color in 2015 summer: KIKO nr. 82, a bright yellow! I usually use a polish only once or twice, but this yellow had the honor to be used more that 10 times (and this is a real performance for me).

As you can see from the images, the wooden JORD Wood Watch matches perfectly my fashionable manicure and my 4 month old Bullmastiff: Willy Boy, who showed great interest both in the watch and the manicure.

I greatly enjoy wearing this watch because it is so light, I can barely feel it on my wrist, but in the same time it's too special to forget about it. Trust me, this watch is a must have for this fall!

So I thank JORD Wood Watches for giving me this opportunity and I recommend their interesting watches to everybody who would like to try something out of the ordinary. Take your time, visit https://www.woodwatches.com and enjoy the men's and women's watches!

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    1. Ouh yes, it's amazingly well build. I love it!

  2. Nagyon szepek a kepek es persze az ora is csodas. Gondolom lattad, ugyan ezt vallasztottam en is :) Hasznald egeszseggel!


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