Saturday, August 16, 2014

Golden Rose Matte Top Coat

There are 2 products that I always use for my manicures: the base coat and the top coat. But there is a third, less know brother: the matte top coat!

I have bought one a few years ago, from Rimmel, and I think that I have used it for a maximum of 5 times. It's just not my thing. Recently I got the chance to test the matte top coat from Golden Rose (it's available here). 

These are my nails without the matte top coat:

For this manicure I have used:
  • Golden Rose with Protein - Nr. 336 (red)
  • Golden Rose Care+Strong - Nr. 200 (green)

 ... and now I have applied the matte top coat, but only on half of each nail:

I have separated the shiny and the matte parts with Golden Rose Nail Art - 117. The effect is more visible on the red polish. 

I can't say I don't like it, I just prefer my nails bright and shiny :-). What do you think about matte top coats? Have you used them, do you like them?

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