Sunday, July 6, 2014

Trind Caring Color - Miss O'Hara CC203

Are you curious how the nail polish from the Rouge-Boutique can looks like? :-)

In my last post I have shown you the Nail Brightener that was in the can, today I am showing you the nail polish.

 I have my ups and downs with girly colors, like red, pink, coral or lilac. There are times I can't stand to see pink or red on my nails and there are times I can't get enough of them. Right now I am in the Love it phase!

The polish is Trind Nail Lacquer Seasonal - Miss O'Hara CC203. You can find this collection here, but the are a "few" more nice shades over here.

For this manicure I have applied two coats of nail polish and I obtained the exact same color I saw in the bottle.

The thick and quick drying formula is a pro for this polish. The fact that it has a simple straight brush was kind of a disappointment to me. Although it's a white and soft brush, not that traditional straight and black one, it's not the same experience as applying with a maxi, rounded brush.

All in one, a big like for this polish. If you like, you can buy directly from here. It costs 40 RON + shipping. That's almost as much as an OPI. 

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  1. That is a pretty pink! I like the brightness to it too.


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