Saturday, June 7, 2014

KIKO - Nr. 297 Acid Green with some glitter

As promised, here is a new glitter manicure. It's a really easy one. I have chosen glitter topper and I have applied it over a base color.

The base color is not any color. It's THE color, it's the KIKO polish that has been chosen personally by my boyfriend (more about this here)! I have to admit it was a good choice :-). 

For this manicure I have used:
  • KIKO - Nr. 297 Acid Green
  • Trendy Colors (glitter topper) - nr. 107
This time I have applied more glitter. This one was a promise too from my last post :-)

This is the glitter topper I have used. It's a noname brand for me, I haven't heard anything about them, I just found it in a store, it was cheap and I have bought it. 

Which one should be next?

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Until next time,
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  1. What a vibrant green. Love the glitter gradient with it too.

  2. The first one for the next time :) And then three from the right and then from the left side. They are gorgeous!


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