Monday, June 2, 2014

How about some pink?

My gift for my birthday, on the 22nd of April, was a trip to Barcelona, Spain. It was a huuuge surprise from my boyfriend. I found out that we are  heading to Barcelona only a few hours before out plane took off!

Besides visiting this AMAZING city I got to visit my favorite a KIKO Store! It was like heaven! You know me, I had to buy ... "something" and these bottles were my choice :-). Except the green from the right corner! That was a a gift from my boyfriend, he personally chose it!

I have tried 4 so far and I love them all so far! I begin the KIKO Series with the left corner so ... let's get pink!

KIKO - Nr. 282

This post will be really pic heavy because the color is beautiful. So powerful and yet girly :-)

Let's take a closer look ...

And finally, together with my handmade soap:

If you like this soap and are interested in more, visit my soap blog: Qubes And Bubbles :-) 

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Until next time,
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