Saturday, June 28, 2014

Firmoo Sunglasses on a Sunday Funday

Today I will present something that is not exactly a nail accessory but it looks great next to my nails. If you're a regular reader of my posts, you probably know by now that I like to hold different interesting objects in my hand while taking pictures of my nails. This time will be no exception. Also, I'm planning to start a new blog soon, on which I will describe products that are outside the nail care family. So consider this post a transition towards that :) The new blog will soon be available at Do not worry though, I will continue to dedicate the same kind of attention to as until now and you'll be able to look at wonderful new manicures again and again, just like until now ;)

So what is this mysterious object that I wish to present today? A few weeks ago I received a special package from In case you haven't heard about them yet, they sell optical solutions, namely prescription glasses and sunglasses. What is special about them is that they do it worldwide and online. You just send them your measurements (and optionally your prescription from an ophthalmologist), choose your favorite model from, and they send you your glasses. The great thing that is that you can upload a picture of your face to their site and you can try on their glasses (on your picture) in a virtual manner, online. You can this way try on glasses from the comfort of your home before deciding to buy anything. If you decide to buy some of their products, know that they offer free shipping to virtually any part of the world, although your own country might charge you with import taxes (VAT). In Romania the package price limit under which you won't be charged with the 24% VAT is 45 EUR.

Fortunately I have perfect vision and do not wear prescription glasses, but I tried our one of their sunglasses:

I have worn them for a few weeks now and I'm very satisfied with them. The lenses are of high quality and perfectly clear. I've used them for driving, for walking on sunny mountains and also in the city. They have served me well in all conditions, so I'm happy that I have them.

Firmoo was kind enough to send me some accessories for free: a box a cloth bag for for the glasses, a microfiber and a tool for tightening the screws.

I personally prefer to use the box instead of the cloth bag. Although very sturdy it's also surprisingly compact and fits nicely in my purse. 

Don't forget to pay attention to the nails, though. They look great with the sunglasses in my hand!

The polish I am wearing is Essie's Sunday Funday (Nr. 268), a light coral shade with some silver particles that look great in the sun. 

One final detail picture about the sunglasses. The model I have chosen is available here

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

KIKO - Nr. 297 Acid Green with some glitter

As promised, here is a new glitter manicure. It's a really easy one. I have chosen glitter topper and I have applied it over a base color.

The base color is not any color. It's THE color, it's the KIKO polish that has been chosen personally by my boyfriend (more about this here)! I have to admit it was a good choice :-). 

For this manicure I have used:
  • KIKO - Nr. 297 Acid Green
  • Trendy Colors (glitter topper) - nr. 107
This time I have applied more glitter. This one was a promise too from my last post :-)

This is the glitter topper I have used. It's a noname brand for me, I haven't heard anything about them, I just found it in a store, it was cheap and I have bought it. 

Which one should be next?

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Glitter mania reactivated!

A few days ago I was surfing on Pinterest and I entered "glitter manicure" in the search bar ... WOW! There are some extremely beautiful manicures out there!

This was the moment my glitter mania was reactivated! I don't care if it's hard to remove, I am a big girl and I will remove it ... eventually and start over again! :-)

For this manicure I have used:
  • Astor Perfect Stay - Creme Brulee
  • Essence Special Effect Topper - Glorious Aquarius

Yes, I know I could have applied more glitter but I was kind of out of my shape! I promise to do better for my next glitter manicure.

I like it how the nude polish looks when combined with turquoise glitter! Don't you?

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Monday, June 2, 2014

How about some pink?

My gift for my birthday, on the 22nd of April, was a trip to Barcelona, Spain. It was a huuuge surprise from my boyfriend. I found out that we are  heading to Barcelona only a few hours before out plane took off!

Besides visiting this AMAZING city I got to visit my favorite a KIKO Store! It was like heaven! You know me, I had to buy ... "something" and these bottles were my choice :-). Except the green from the right corner! That was a a gift from my boyfriend, he personally chose it!

I have tried 4 so far and I love them all so far! I begin the KIKO Series with the left corner so ... let's get pink!

KIKO - Nr. 282

This post will be really pic heavy because the color is beautiful. So powerful and yet girly :-)

Let's take a closer look ...

And finally, together with my handmade soap:

If you like this soap and are interested in more, visit my soap blog: Qubes And Bubbles :-) 

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014 Swatch Naming Championship

Today's post will be about a quiz... one created by Be careful if you're thinking of visiting the site, though... I visited the site while writing this post and my heart is filled with pain that I can't buy all the polishes they are selling :-).

The story of this quiz is rather interesting. The girls at are always arguing about who is the best polish expert and they are testing each other by asking polish related questions. So they decided to make an online quiz which can be used to test any polish lover's knowledge. They've asked a few bloggers to send in a swatch with two possible answers: the correct name of the polish and the name of a similar looking polish. True experts can prove themselves by choosing the correct polish name as many times as possible during the quiz.

I got the chance to be part of this quiz, courtesy of Tiffany. So I've sent her a swatch and two possible shades names as answers.

My choice was:

Is it "The More The Merrier" by Essie or "Green Apple" by Orly? I encourage you to take the quiz yourself and find out which the correct answer is :-) You'll also find there several other challenging questions. Good luck!

Nail Polish Canada Swatch Challenge

I personally got 15 swatches right and earned myself a Gold Winner badge.

Let me know in the comments section how much have you scored.

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