Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Golden Rose Holiday - Nr. 83 (white)

Today I will show you the second nail polish which I got for a review from Golden Rose Romania and ... my new watch :-) 

This one is Nr. 83 from the Holiday Collection. It's the collection of textured polishes from Golden Rose. The polishes from the Holiday Collection come in different shades, from simple colors like this one, or Nr. 61 (blue | blog post here) to glittery neons like nr. 77 (neon orange | blog post here) and nr. 81 (neon green | blog post here) and glitters like Nr. 55 ( light blue | blog post here) and Nr. 54 (gold/silver | blog post here). 

Although in the bottle it looks like a light pink or light grey, after you apply it onto the nail, you will get a nice pure white manicure.

I have applied 3 coats for the shown result. It dried fast and lasted several days on my nails, even though it was a thick layer of polish.

Some say you shouldn't wear white while there are several hundred different shades out there, but it felt good wearing it. Maybe it was exactly because I met nobody wearing white. I felt special. :-)

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  1. This is a nice palette cleanser on the nails!

  2. Ezt a koromlakkot el tudom kebzelni teli manikurokhoz, nagyon erdekes a felulete!
    Az ora pedig alom szep, hasznald egeszseggel!

    1. Igen, talán a fehér miatt kicsit télies feelingje van, de szerintem szépen mutat egy barnult bőrőn is.
      Biztosan fogom hordani nyáron :-)

  3. This looks really nice.
    It's really hard to find a good white!

    1. Yes indeed!
      It's a perfect white. The textured formula makes it look more powerful :-)

  4. Ce mult imi place! Super!


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