Saturday, April 12, 2014

Golden Rose Galaxy - Nr. 25

Golden Rose Romania, via Tanase Georgia, has offered me the chance to review 5 of their polishes of my choice!

I have chosen the following nail polishes (from left to right):
  • Golden Rose Nail Art - Nr. 11
  • Golden Rose Matte Top Coat
  • Golden Rose Holiday - Nr. 83
  • Golden Rose Galaxy - Nr. 25
  • Golden Rose Rich Color - Nr. 49
Here I was planning to write which Golden Rose Collection is my favorite, but I couldn't decide :-). I like them all for the following reasons:
  • Rich Color --> because of the wide brush, the vivid colors and the great formula which makes the polish resist on your nails
  • Holiday --> do I even have to say it? It's textured!!!
  • Galaxy --> If you are a regular reader of my blog you certainly know that I adore glitter. GR Galaxy is all about glitters. Now if we use transitive logic...I love the Galaxy Collection because of the glitters :-)
Yesterday I convinced 5 of my colleagues from work to try this brand and I can't wait to hear their opinion about  Golden Rose products.

The first polish that I will show you is .... Galaxy Nr. 25!

For this manicure I have used:
  • Classics Glamour - Nr. 150 (also known as the NailGlaze color, view here) as a base color. 
  • Golden Rose Galaxy - Nr. 25 as a glitter topper, and I am happy with my choice :-)

How could I not love Galaxy Nr. 25? It's a combination of red, pink, white and silver-holographic glitters.

I totally recommend trying this Collection. I have to warn you that this is not a usual Collection, though. Wearing it, you will "shine bright like a ... glitter"© and be in the center of attention. If you are a glitter fan you will adore it! If you are shy, just go with the Rich Color Collection.

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