Friday, March 7, 2014

Farmec Collection - Wilted Rose

I am a little nervous right now because tomorrow I am going to take part in the first edition of  "Crosul Divelor", a special running event organized by Runner Club. There will be 2 races, the 2 km and the 5 km version. The event is open for women only, man are invited to support us, take pictures and hold our bottle of water ... at least that is what my boyfriend is going to do :-). I am in for the 5 km race, please wish me luck!

To make this event more feminine, I have chosen a pretty pink polish for tomorrow.

Farmec Collection Autumn-Winter 2013 - Wilted Rose

This polish is a creamy pink with interesting little black particles. It's similar to Muddy Boots (also from this collection). You will find it here.

I hope to meet you there, because a beautiful body is a healthy body! Keep practicing sport and you will feel stronger and younger with every day! 

 Crosul Divelor @ NailGlaze

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  1. Foarte draguta nuanta :) Si fii tare maine si ne auzim dupa ce treci linia :)

    1. Am trecut si abia astept editia urmatoare :-)

  2. In primul rand,felicitari pentru participarea la cros, si mai ales ca ai ales proba mai lunga. :D In al doilea rand, imi place forma unghiilor tale, si oja e frumoasa. :*:*

    1. Mersi mult Lorena! Pentru mine e un pas foarte mare. Acum doi ani nu puteam sa alerg nici macar 500 m :-)


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