Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rouge-Boutique: Trind Natural Nail Care

Thank you Rouge-Boutique for the mysterious Red Box that I received from you just before Christmas :-).

Are you curious about what was in the box? Well, I was so excited, couldn't wait to open it! The box was full of white and red shredded paper just to make the unboxing more interesting. :-)

After only a few seconds of searching through the paper shreds, I found the perfect gift anybody could give to a nail polish addict: nail and hand care products and nail polish!!! (who would have guessed, huh?)

In the big Red Box I have found Trind Natural Nail Care products. Trind Cosmetics is a well known manufacturer of hand and nail care products, available in 28 countries. Thanks to Rouge-Boutique these products will also be available in Romania. Until the online store opens you can find Rouge-Boutique on Facebook ;-). 

Let's see what exactly was in the Red Box:
  • Nail Repair
  • Nail Balsam
  • Caring Color
  • Hand Repair
  • Soft Cuticle Pen
  • Nail Magic Buffer
  • Black Cosmetics Bag
  • 50 RON Voucher
  • 1 pomegranate :-)

I decided to test the products and in order to offer an honest review I cut my nails and started using only the above gotten products. I will be back with more pictures and info about the products, stay close :-)

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  1. Frumos gest, sa te bucuri de toate! :)

  2. Frumos, sunt curioasa sa aflu mai multe despre produse!

    1. Te invit sa citesti postarea cu primele impresii despre produsele primite: :-)


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