Saturday, November 23, 2013

The NailGlaze Color

I have been searching for the NailGlaze color for almost a year and I finally got a polish that is very similar to this color. I told myself that I have to stop buying polishes, but I couldn't leave the store without this one!

Classics Glamour - Nr. 150

I especially like the contrast between the dark polish and my skin tone.


  1. I think I remember entering a store with you and exiting with nail polishes :D

  2. Culoarea e superba :)

  3. Ce frumoasa e culoarea! Si eu ador sa port nuante din astea <3

    1. Este noua mea oja preferata :-D. Imi place atat de mult!

  4. Can't beat a deep red mani! Love it!


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