Wednesday, September 11, 2013

KBShimmer - A Dot Mess

Hi Girls!

I managed to gather a little KBShimmer Collection and today I am going to show you A Dot Mess. 
I am a big fan of indie polishes and when I saw this one in the hand of my boyfriend ... I was in the seventh heaven! 

I let you in on a secret: all my KBShimmers are part of the 2013 Spring Collection, including this one. 

Products I have used:
  • Bourjois - Green Fizz -> I have chosen a base color which I haven't already seen combined with this glitter topper. I am amazed by this combination!
  • KBShimmer - A Dot Mess 

A Dot Mess is a glitter topper with fuchsia and black glitters in a clear base.

 The glitters are different size of circle glitters (actually two sizes, big and small) and little glitter bars. 

Because of the black glitters it would be a loss to apply the topper over a dark/black base color. This is why I have chose a base color which is in a high contrast with the glitters.

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  1. ce tare se vede peste oja verde! Nu mi-ar fi trecut prin cap sa combin acetse culori, dar resultatul e super!

  2. nu m-as fi gandit niciodata la glitter mov peste verde <3 superbe!

    1. A fost prima oja care mi-a venit in mana si pana la urma a iesit bine :-D

  3. I'm wearing a mint green right now. I should throw a pink glitter over the top like this. I love it!

  4. Superba combinatia!! Imi place tare mult cum arata :X

  5. Oaaaau!!! E minunata manichiura :)

  6. Arata superb combinatia, esti o norocoasa ca ai asa minunatii de la KBShimmer <3

    1. Mersi mult!
      Le am doar datorita prietenului meu, care ma rasfata cu oje indie :-D


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