Saturday, August 31, 2013

T.P.A. Group Challenge: 1. Inspired by Pop Art

Hi Girls!

The 31 Weeks Challenge is over but there is no need to worry! I am back with a new challenge: T.P.A. (The Polish Addict) Group Challenge (created by G :-).
If the 31 Weeks Challenge was hard, this will make us sweat!

The first challenge is Inspired by Pop Art. Though, huh?! :-)

My manicure:

Products I have used:
  • Astor Perfect Stay - Flashy Pink
  • Acrylic Paint (black, white, blue)
For those who don't recognize my poor pop art design, it's a piece from a blue heart with some dots. No, it's not a ladybird as my colleagues from work noticed :-)

At first it looked like this ...

... then I have added the dots:


The next challenge will be A flower and will be posted on the 7th of September, 2013.

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  1. Ce dragutele sunt :D Imi plac foarte mult si pentru faptul ca sunt altfel decat m-am gandit eu :))

    1. Mersi! "Talentul" meu nu mi-a permis sa fac mai mult :-)

  2. Ce bine arata modelul si combinatia de culori.

  3. Sunt dragute tare, imi place tare mult cum ti-au iesit inimioarele ;)

  4. Ce efect dragut ai creat cu bulinutele! E o manichiura foarte draguta :)

  5. Sunt tare dragute!

  6. These are really cute, I love that you did heart shapes!

  7. imi place combinatia de culori! e faina!

  8. The dots definitely complete the look - super!! :D

  9. Superbe! Imi place foarte mult ideea si executia!

  10. sunt foarte dragute

  11. Ce maniciura frumoasa ai realizat! Punctele intregesc foarte bine modelul!

  12. Ce dragute sunt! O sa incep si eu de la urmatoarea tema, n-am reusit s-o fac pe prima din cauza timpului..


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