Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Techniques Challenge

Hi Girls!

One last post before I get on the plain, direction Rhodos, Greece :-)

I am thinking about starting The Techniques Challenges together with You! There are so many techniques to create manicures with, some easier, some harder. This challenge would help us practice and learn from each other.

We would post once a week, manicures created with different techniques (as in the list below). This will not be easy but that's what a challenge is for, isn't it? :-) 

The banner of the challenge:

The list with the challenges:

If you would like to participate along with other bloggers at this challenge, join the Glitterholic Facebook group here or click the Glitterholic icon in the right side bar. After that, leave a blog post comment with your name and the blog address where you will be posting and you are done! If you are already a member of Glitterholic, just fill in your name in the specially created document under the Files section.

I hope to learn a lot from you during this challenge.

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