Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chaos & Crocodiles - Fallen Skystone

Hi Girls!

Almost a whole month has passed since I had celebrated my birthday. For this occasion I got a very special present: a small collection of indie polishes. Not just any polishes, Chaos & Crocodiles polishes. :-D You can imagine my surprise when I opened the box and saw no less than 7 bottles of the world's most beautiful polishes. Well, at least for me :) I had been craving for a long time to own the Fireside Nights by Chaos & Crocodiles but now I suddenly was the happy owner of it and six others :-D I've taken a group photo of them for you to see:

I've been told by the special person who gave me this present that Chaos & Crocodiles only ships polishes to the USA, so the fact that these polishes have managed to make their way to Romania is something of a little miracle. I'd like to thank Sarey from Chaos & Crocodiles for her support and for helping me get this wonderful present. She's been very nice and she packaged the polishes... well... with love :)

You can visit her handmade, 3-free and cruelty-free nail polish creations on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ChaosAndCrocodiles) or on her new website: http://www.chaosandcrocodiles.com/.

I find it hard to decide which one of these polishes I love most, so the one that I'm going to present today was chosen randomly. And the lucky winner is: Fallen Skystone!

Fallen Skystone applied in 2 coats

What Sarey sais about this polish: "Made with teal, red, silver, and copper glitters that adorn this turquoise polish like a mix of gemstones and metals, Fallen Skystone is a limited edition polish, but it will be restocked a few times before it is retired."

Other Chaos & Crocodiles polishes will follow ;-)

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  1. Sunt absolut superbe! Si eu visez la asa minunatii, sa le porti cu placere!

  2. Ce frumoase sunt! Sa le folosesti cu drag!

    1. Mersi! Nici nu ma pot decide care imi place mai mult :D

  3. wow, arata minunat

  4. Toate sunt asa de frumoase :*

  5. hmm, ai tu asa un stil de a face poze mistoace<3

  6. Fallen Skystone looks amazing on you! :-D


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