Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Tri-Polish Challenge - Manicure 1

Hi Girls!

I am participating in The Tri-Polish Challenge organized by Crumpets's Nail Tarts.

Rules of this challenge:
  • there is no given theme, only given colors: coral, green and purple
  • there will be 4 manicures on the Tuesday and Thursday of the 3rd and 4th week of the month
  • you have to use the same 3 polishes for all 4 manicures
  • you have free use of white, black, silver, gold and glitter toppers
  • for more details visit Crumpets's Nail Tarts.

I have chosen 3 Flormar polishes (if you have never heard of Flormar you will find more info here):
  • Flormar SuperShine - Nr. 28 (coral)
  • Flormar - Nr. 445 (purple)
  • Flormar Super Neon Colors - Nr. N007 (green)
For my first manicure I have chosen a combination of coral with purple and I have added some flowers using black and white polishes. Unfortunately this manicure hasn't turned out so spectacular as I have imagined it, but I promise not to disappoint you on Thursday!

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