Friday, March 1, 2013

Collaboration: 1st of March

Hi Girls!

Before I start today’s post I would like to say a few words about the  1st  of March tradition.
Martisor (you should read it as [mərtsiʃor]) is the celebration of spring and is symbolically related to women and fertility. You will find this celebration in Romania, Bulgaria (by the name of Martensita), in some parts of Albania, Greece and Italy.
Traditionally men offered four-leaf clovers to female relatives, friends and colleagues, but today you will find all kinds of available gifts on the street. This little gifts are always decorated with red and white strings.  Red is the color of fire and blood and it is associated with passion, while white is the color of snow and wisdom of men. In this way, the string represents a union between the man and the woman.

Tonight, after I “gather” my Martisors, I will post some photos, so that you can make an idea about what I am talking here :-)

Let’s get back to our business! Along with some bloggers we have decided to use this occasion for a new collaboration. You could choose between posting a manicure or a make-up inspired by spring. I have naturally chosen a manicure :-)

Products I have used:
  • Maybelline MiniColorama – Nr. 96 Party Blue (light blue for the sky)
  • Acrylic Paints (2 types of green for the grass, 2 types of red for the ladybird, white and black for dots)

It’s the first time I have ever drawn this much on a nail and I hope you like it. I personally love it :-D

Check out what the other girls have done: 
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Have a nice day! 


  1. they're beautiful <3 love them <3 . have a great spring :D

  2. Adorabile!!!! O idee inedita de 1 Martie. Te pup si sa ai o primavara frumoasa!

  3. Sunt asa dragute:) a venit primavara si pe unghiile tale:)

  4. Ce manichiura adorabila ;))

  5. Ce dragalase sunt! O primavara frumoasa draga mea!

  6. Foarte dragute! Ma binedispun unghiutele voastre de primavara :)

  7. Va pup fetelor! Multumesc pentru aprecieri si va doresc la toate o primavara minunata!!!! :-D

  8. This is soo cute!
    You're so talented and your manis are really beautiful <3
    I follow you now ^_^


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