Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Hearts Manicure

As promised I am back with my second attempt of a Valentine's Day Manicure. This time I have allocated more time for finishing the design.

Products I have used:
  • Flormar SuperMatte - Nr. M103 (white base color)
  • Flormar SuperShine - Nr. 29 (light pink base)
  • Flormar Nail Art - Nr. NA12 (black hearts and outline)
  • Bourjois Paris - Nr. 11 Rouge In Style (red hearts)
  • S-he Stylezone - Nr. 320 (gold outline)
  • Impala Mini - Nr.10 (red outline)
  • Avon - Rave (sparking pink outline)
  • thin brush

 This is how it all started

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