Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rimmel Metal Rush - Royal Blue

This is a polish I have had for some time on my wish list. The first time I have seen Rimmel Metal Rush was at Douglas and had cost 40 Ron (9 Euro). Back then I decided that it was too much for me. Later I found this polish at different drug stores but the price was still high. All this until one day when I was shopping in Auchan and I saw it for 13 Ron (approx. 3 Eur). That moment I knew I had to buy it!

Rimmel Metal Rush - Nr. 60 Royal Blue

I am glad that I did, because it's a beautiful polish. A great combination of violet and an interesting blueish green shade.

I find it interesting that the color change was only visible in natural light  Using a lightbox I could see only the blueish tone.


  1. It looks stunning! I have something similar from Flormar and it cost me 13 lei :D


  2. I have it too and it's gorgeous indeed ;))

  3. Dar eu tot din douglas am luat si nu era 40 de ron...era in jur de 17 cred. Oricum am aceeasi combinatie de culori de la Miss Sporty si imi place mai mult:D:D sa te bucuri de ea


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