Thursday, February 21, 2013

Anniversary Post: 100th Posted Manicure!

Today is a sort of anniversary for my blog. The time has come to present to you my 100th posted manicure.

As you remember, I have started a poll in which you had the opportunity to choose what kind of nails you wanted to see in this special post (tape manicure, polka dots, gradient, glitter or stripes).

 According to your votes the winner is The Gradient. I have decided to create a special lemon-lime combination for you. Thank you all for taking the time to vote and I hope that the result rises to your expectations. 

Products I have used:
  • Flormar Neon Colors - Nr. N007
  • Aden Cosmetics - Nr. 91

Enjoy the pictures!


  1. Cat de faina poate fi combinatiaaaaa. Imi place mult de tot. te pupacesc.

  2. Cat de frumos e gradientul! Felicitari pentru numarul de postari, la cat mai multe!

  3. Ii superba combinatia...imi aduce aminte de vara, de natura, de verde:D

  4. Wow - foarte frumos.
    La mai multe postari.

    1. Mersi mult :-*. La postarea 200 voi face un gradient mai reusit :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Multumesc :-). Verdele acesta inchis este una dintre ojele mele preferate.


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