Monday, January 28, 2013

My Homemade Dotting Tool

As you may have already seen on my blog, Saturday I have finished the 2nd Challenge: Polka Dots. Pictures here.

In order to acomplish such a manicure one needs a dotting tool. The famous dotting tools... I have always dreamed of having such nail tools, they look so... professional :-)

On a second thought, a dotting tool is just a stick with a round edge! So I came up with my own, home made dotting tool, which looks like this:

My home made dotting tool is made of a traditional pencil with a gum on it, in which I have stuck a decorative needle.

With this needle, the size of my polka dots will be like the ones on this picture:

If you want bigger dots you can use a bigger needle. If you want smaller ones you can use a bobby pin or the tip of a used ball pen. I recommend using only fully used ball pens, you don't want to ruin you manicure with some left over ink. 

With this tool I have made some other manicures too. Check them out here (Gradient Blue Polka Dots), here (Yellow Flormar feat. Polka) and here (Flormar Teal with Polka Dots). 

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  1. Buna chiar ma intrebam cum arata acest instrument confectionat;))..daca face treaba de ce sa mai dai bani pe altul


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