Friday, August 31, 2012

Saran wrap manicure

This is my first attempt of this manicure. This is how I have done it:
1. Apply a base color and wait until it dries completely. One coat should be enough. My base color is a light grey.
2. Apply a thick coat of the second color. I used a light lilac to avoid strong contrast between the color and to hide my possible mistakes.
3. Grab a little thick plastic bag and wrap it so that it looks like on the 4th picture.
4. Without waiting for the second color to dry, tap it with the plastic bag. This will practically rip off the second coat of polish where the bag makes contact with your nail.
5. If you ripped of to much you can correct it "manually" applying by applying the missing color.
6. Wait until it dries and apply a shiny or matte top coat for finishing. You will get a watermarbleish look.

Maybelline New York - Nr. 795 Cloudy Grey

Golden Rose - Nr. 182

The marbleish look with a shiny top coat.

The wrapped plastic bag with rest of lilac polish on it.

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