Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Manicure fail

As I brought the L'Oreal nail polish (nr. 608 Luxembourg Garden) I imagined myself a nice manicure, but finally I ended up with this:

L'Oreal - nr. 608 Luxembourg Garden (base, 2 coats)

Flormar Graffiti - Nr. G05 Yellow (crackle)

Moyra - Top Coat Fast Dry  (1 coat)

This is the second time I used the Flormar Yellor Crackle polish and I am very disappointed. Not because of the formula (that works great) but because of the color. It is...unwearable from my point of view. What color would you associate a yellow crackle with? 


  1. Beautiful mix, it looks great on you... :)

  2. Juj, hat tenyleg ez nem a leg sikeresebb manikur. Elmeletileg a sarga perfektul kene passzoljon a zoldel, de ez valahogy igy nem izleses. Lehet ha feheret hasznalsz a zold helyet, jobban fog ervenyesulni a sarga.

  3. Looks fine imo. I like yellow crackle over turquoise shimmery polishes, somehow it works ok.

  4. Thank you for your suggestions. I will take them into account for my future manicures.


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