Thursday, April 26, 2012

Flormar Teal with Polka dots

As I promised I am back with the second polish. It is a teal color and has a very successful formula, one coat being enough. For making it more interesting I applied some white polka dots:

  • In the sunshine:

  • In the shade:

Flormar Nr. 429 + S-he Stylezone Nr. 306

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cracked Apricot ( manicure upgrade )

After a few day I found my apricot manicure a little boaring so I have upgraded it using Alix Avien white cracking polish.

In the shade:

In the sunshine (Thanks God I can finally see the sun-after the long winter we have had- and take this kind of pictures): 

The polish:
Aliv Avien - White Cracking

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Apricot dream!

Sunday afternoon, as I woke up from my beauty sleep I wanted baaadly a light peachy colored polish! So we got in the car and drove to Polus Center (the biggest Mall of the city). I knew that I have once seen this color at the Flormar "island".

This is the piece of jewelry I brought for myself (I could not resist buying more than 1 bottle, so I got myself a teal color too, nr. 429. Post with it will follow soon):

First in the sunshine:

In shade:

Just sitting there, waiting to be "used" (poor little thing :-P)

 Flormar  - Nr. 376

Simple Natty

I have brought this polish for 3 RON (0.85 USD, 0.70 EUR). Although it was very cheap it behaves well on the nail (does not chip, does not color the nail-if no base coat is used) and became one of my favorite polishes and colors. It is hard to see on the pictures (you should look real close at the second picture, near the middle finger), but it has tiny tiny golden glitters in it. 

This is how it looks in shade:

This is how it looks in the sunshine:
Natty Orkide - Nr. 362